Post-Retroism. Post-Hermetic. Post-Post.
Philip Ashlock · 28 September 2005


O my
Sigur Róssian Cycles

Stag nation regrets alone
and you lose your selphone


walking comas
drones with headphones
deaf glaucomas

feeling the volcanic rupture in the phoenix womb
the ocean tomb
the pacific rim

omni localism

An experience so epic, so incomprehensible, so beyond words leaves me feeling torn between two emotions – being completely content and being completely lost.


love to all

words may not describe, but please let them try [1]


Stag Nation
Philip Ashlock · 29 January 2005

Sometimes I wonder why something isn’t happening and then I realize it’s because I’m not doing it. It could be said about writing here, it could be said about not being more in touch will all of you, and it could be said about making this country and the world a better place. You could apply it to life in general. As humans and especially as people like us growing out of the teenage years, our greatest weakness is the illusion of being powerless. We get overwhelmed by our problems and feel overshadowed by those we perceive as more powerful.

I believe that the perception of being insignificant is just about the biggest barrier in achieving one’s dreams. If you don’t think you can change the world, then you probably won’t even try. The power of optimism is often unrealized. Even more unrealized is how much power we have to connect with one another. In an epiphany of optimism with Pat and Zack last July (7-11) I expressed how easily we could meet up with the band Broken Social Scene. I’d talked with some of them at the show they played in Seattle last spring and I knew these were wonderful people, they are down to earth while still being creative gods in my mind. I idolize them, but somehow I just knew that we could connect with them. I ranted about this to Pat and Zack, but soon afterwards that optimism quickly dissolved into the daily grind and was forgotten. I didn’t even remember this until after Pat shared with us the unbelievable experience he had meeting up with Broken Social Scene in Austria. Austria of all places for such a prophecy to materialize. They should be releasing their next album on Valentine’s Day and I certainly hope to spend more time with the social scene when they come around. This is rather lengthy. Continue reading here.

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Solo Social Scene
Patrick Holahan · 6 December 2004

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Solo Social Scene

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Solo Social Scene
Patrick Holahan · 5 December 2004

Ladies and gentleman, i’ve got a nice story for you. Everyone’s favorite band Broken Social Scene has been touring around Europe for a while and yesterday they had a date in a tiny little town a little east of salzburg and i couldn’t miss it. It get’s exponentially better.

Sadly i had to travel on the train their alone, which led me into wrong directions and sketchy trains, but i eventually found my way to Ebensee. the tiny little town in question. The shitty part is, the last train out of the town is at 9 pm, there is no way the concert will end before 9, so i decide that tonight i’ll just bundle up and stay awake until the 6am train back to Salzburg.

I navigate through the dark town and find the venue, smiling and skipping my way into the empty lobby of this theater/venue. i hear some music playing and assume i’ve missed the first band, so i sit down and have a snack while i wait for entrance. but soon i hear a BSS song and get antsy! NO! have i missed it!?? but then Amy Millan pops her head out, along with the lively Evan Cranley. but at this point i really dont know any of their names.

One friendly looking fellow with a mustache sits down at the bar, i got up and introduced myself and i’m sure he was glad to hear some english speaking as we just went right into talking and then he brought up last nights partying and that he needed some tylenol. being that it’s just me and him, we go out into Ebensee at night, this is Charlie i’m walking with, and he tells me about newborn daughter, i tell him about anacortes,about how i have no where to sleep tonight, general banter, but eventually we discover all the stores are shut down, damn.This is rather lengthy. Continue reading here.

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Guemes Moonshine
Philip Ashlock · 28 November 2004

Guemes Spoonshine was bliss. Wyatt and Pat, you are missed. Cool island air, a full moon, and a warm friend filled evening of the Woodchopper’s Ball made for an exceptionally jovial experience. Late autumn dancing was filled with such an intensely beautiful and truly timeless Spoonshine vibe. Ferries carry us from island to island and a mandolin carries our feet across the wood floor. Stress and consciousness are no more in such a magical place of happiness and grace.

What music is in your ears? [2]