movie time
Patrick Holahan · 12 October 2005

i know that schoolwork might be weighing down on you my friends. i know that work can sometimes get you down. T.V shows nothing but crap and the food you eat smells the same.
if you take 1 hour out of your busy schedule, chill out, smoke your ganja or whatever, you must stop by your local awesome video store, in your case b-ham boyz, “film is truth”,
get the movie KOYAANISQATSI. (coy-ya-nee-scot-see).
Anybody that has already seen it will know that this movie will readjust the way you look at our planet and the entire world that surrounds you.

so please, gather up all your friends and family who dare look in the looking glass and discover something that everyone interprets differently.

*yes i know this is a hug plugg for this movie, but shit, it’s just a movie, do i really have to convince you?

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Aspirations Evolving
Philip Ashlock · 22 June 2005

Half way through the year, half way through the decade, half way toward admitting that I’ve yet to truly grasp the nature of time. Auraluna has seen all seasons of the year, voices echoing from around the world, thoughts flowing from fingers to eyes, and aspirations evolving.

What is this, what have we done, why have we done it, how do we want to do it? It? Auraluna is itself. It’s of it’s own as much as it’s of ourselves. This is what we make out of it as much as how we interpret it, it’s a reflection of ourselves and of the world around us. Isness. It’s a place for me to offer an oxymoron like the fact that I think it’s pretty pretentious to call other people pretentious. There is no definition and no expectation, but I hope there is a desire. Personally, I want this to grow more. I want myself and others to hesitate less. If you come here occasionally out of curiosity or boredom and come away with nothing then please offer something, anything. Even a random trivial seed can sprout and branch out. Even in the dunes and death valley life can flourish. There was an abundance of wildflowers in the deserts of southern california this year. Thoughts can grow if you just let the stream of consciousness flow. Let us allow Auraluna to grow organically. This isn’t mine in ownership or direction any more than the idea of going to the Dunes is. Express yourself and this can be anything. Inspiration and motivation are as contagious as stagnation and procrastination. I think sometimes we develop subconscious restraints, rules, and regulations which dissuade us when we don’t know what we can do. Question that bullshit. I think sometimes I get preachy and self-righteous. Question that bullshit.This is rather lengthy. Continue reading here.

What do you want? What do you have? What is your thought? [1]


Evil is back
Patrick Holahan · 29 March 2005

There is proof that that the wheels of evil are being spun by our friendly back stabbing conglomerate called McDonald’s. Just when you thought McDonald’s couldn’t screw up our world enough with just litter, fattening up consumers globally and terrible MSG packed food…they have now moved to brainwashing in music.

Here you will find that the word ‘Big Mac’ is now being incorporated in rap songs for 5 bucks a pop for airplay. Everytime you hear a rapper say Big Mac in a song, on any radio, it means the rapper makes money from McDonalds.

the best part of this is that they’re justifying this “partnership” because it’s giving appreciation to the dominant youth culture in the WORLD.

I dont know about you, but the idea of giving someone money to warp their original lyrics to advertise a sandwhich is hardly giving appreciation to the music.

big mac anyone? [1]


Stag Nation
Philip Ashlock · 29 January 2005

Sometimes I wonder why something isn’t happening and then I realize it’s because I’m not doing it. It could be said about writing here, it could be said about not being more in touch will all of you, and it could be said about making this country and the world a better place. You could apply it to life in general. As humans and especially as people like us growing out of the teenage years, our greatest weakness is the illusion of being powerless. We get overwhelmed by our problems and feel overshadowed by those we perceive as more powerful.

I believe that the perception of being insignificant is just about the biggest barrier in achieving one’s dreams. If you don’t think you can change the world, then you probably won’t even try. The power of optimism is often unrealized. Even more unrealized is how much power we have to connect with one another. In an epiphany of optimism with Pat and Zack last July (7-11) I expressed how easily we could meet up with the band Broken Social Scene. I’d talked with some of them at the show they played in Seattle last spring and I knew these were wonderful people, they are down to earth while still being creative gods in my mind. I idolize them, but somehow I just knew that we could connect with them. I ranted about this to Pat and Zack, but soon afterwards that optimism quickly dissolved into the daily grind and was forgotten. I didn’t even remember this until after Pat shared with us the unbelievable experience he had meeting up with Broken Social Scene in Austria. Austria of all places for such a prophecy to materialize. They should be releasing their next album on Valentine’s Day and I certainly hope to spend more time with the social scene when they come around. This is rather lengthy. Continue reading here.

What do you do, make, say or think? [1]


Only the Unimpassioned Nagging of a Maiden will Save Us Now
Izak Elvrum · 3 December 2004

The main thing deeply unsettling about living in a metropolitan area is this:
You’re walking about outside in a Pacific Northwest winter. The temperature isn’t Siberian but, sure, it’s refrigerated. Predictably you are well swaddled in warm clothes to fend off the frostiness. Now, it’s when one walks nearby a manhole cover, a grate, or a vent and is met with a passionless blast of luke-warm air that the unsettlement begins.
Any of you other metroplis dwellers encounter this?

Robots Doing the 52-Skidoo [1]