Ty Krasne
· 24 October 2005 ·

golly wollies it feels like the last time I posted on auraluna was when I was in czech republic when I had all sorts of time, mixed with desperate homesickness that would only be tempered by the clicking of a keyboard under my fingers.

And though I am no longer there, I am currently living in a building that would fit right in with the communist block cement structures often “gracing” the hillsides of urban czech republic.
Yes thats right, I’m living in the department of safety, the greying concrete palace of anacortes, a crumbling eyesore to the elderly, and the hub of the arts scene for the youth.

It is always interesting, getting to know an admired institution on a more personal level. And the dos has its fair share of vexations from messy room mates to serious fruit fly issues and freezing temperatures in the winter. But on the whole I am thoroughly amazed that a place like this can exist this day an age. Especially when I look out the window on sundays to see people hopelessly waving their flags against the backdrop of a gas station with soaring gas prices, and I look back into the living room full to the brim with houseplants, recycled furniture and unfinished art projects, and I am utterly thankful that we have this place. I hope that it is one of the beginning few instead of the last remaining. It’s a unicorn dammit! and it needs to have other unicorn friends!

ahem well I guess that’s it.

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Written by Kate Clark


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