movie time
· 12 October 2005 ·

i know that schoolwork might be weighing down on you my friends. i know that work can sometimes get you down. T.V shows nothing but crap and the food you eat smells the same.
if you take 1 hour out of your busy schedule, chill out, smoke your ganja or whatever, you must stop by your local awesome video store, in your case b-ham boyz, “film is truth”,
get the movie KOYAANISQATSI. (coy-ya-nee-scot-see).
Anybody that has already seen it will know that this movie will readjust the way you look at our planet and the entire world that surrounds you.

so please, gather up all your friends and family who dare look in the looking glass and discover something that everyone interprets differently.

*yes i know this is a hug plugg for this movie, but shit, it’s just a movie, do i really have to convince you?

Written by Patrick Holahan