Are you f*cking kidding me?!?
· 19 September 2005 ·

Flash! Poof! Grinding sound of fog machine followed by unpalatable synthetic smokey smell!
...And Izak has appeared from the nether-realm of Internetland to update you on the ‘goings down’. The fickle hand of fate has dropped Lucy less than a mere block from my lil’ hidey ho’ of an apartment. There’s already plans to lend her a broom and some milk. I should expect she’ll need some of my power tools and a lawn mower if this follows regular neighborly proceedings.
Hey you! Come visit. Unlike some, I have extra chairs. Okay okay. Lie. I have one. Just one sad, dilapidated, death trap chair.
Riches, Riley+1: Sigur Ros concert, 9 days.
To anyone that thinks I’m half-crazy, this should seal the deal: Nine Inch Nails concert, 5 days.
Now here’s a word from Lucy.

Naja, Jetzt kann Izak uns nicht versthehen, und ich kann miene Gefuhle wirchlich sagen. Ich liebe dich Pat. So, portland. Lovley really. lovely. We wish you were closer, we loyal washintonians. Izak has more plants than me, but I have more teacups. I assume we will be mutually benificial. to each other. It is nice to have someone from home so close..
much much love you crazy boy.


Yup. Izak out.

Written by Izak Elvrum


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