remember me?
· 24 August 2005 ·

i’ve decided i dont care if it’s only been me and Phil bantering back and forth. screw everybody else and lets us enjoy our tea party! bah!

down here in smoky deathland (aka Portland) life is moving along at a nice pace of nightly drinking and jamming. i dont think a single night has gone by that the cold, thin, watery taste of Pabst (blue ribbon winner!) has done a tango on my tongue. call me naughty, call me a drunkard, just dont call me Al.

also, if anyone crazy enough to come see either Mindless Self Indulgence or the Locusts would like to see the fun filled musical wonders in Portland, you have a place to stay and a friend to get rowdy with.

Patrick “i dont have a lot of chairs” Holahan

p.s. (i call it smoky deathland because it seems that the entire city has decided to take up smoking, include the squirrels, but they only smoke winstons….so it doesn’t count)

Written by Patrick Holahan


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