busy bee bjork
· 23 June 2005 ·

it seems like it was just last summer that i was freaking out because i found out about the collaboration of Bjork with the likes of Rahzel and Mike Patton for her completely vocally created album Medulla. but now…..oh shit.

“BJORK IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW” -trendy upscale fashion male figure commenting on the who’s who of the fashionable world.

she’s done it again. Bjork is creating a soundtrack for her collaberation with the fucking CRAZY artist Matthew Barney who created the mindscape adventure of CREMASTER (cremaster.net) in a MOVIE!!! agh! i’m already growing my illicit psychotropic plants in preparation for this event.

....hmmmm, yet by the looks of it, no hallucinogens will be necessary for this coming arrival of : ‘Drawing Restraint 9’

check it out. http://unit.bjork.com/specials/dr9/

now. continue on with your normally broadcasted lifestyle.

Written by Patrick Holahan