Aspirations Evolving
· 22 June 2005 ·

Half way through the year, half way through the decade, half way toward admitting that I’ve yet to truly grasp the nature of time. Auraluna has seen all seasons of the year, voices echoing from around the world, thoughts flowing from fingers to eyes, and aspirations evolving.

What is this, what have we done, why have we done it, how do we want to do it? It? Auraluna is itself. It’s of it’s own as much as it’s of ourselves. This is what we make out of it as much as how we interpret it, it’s a reflection of ourselves and of the world around us. Isness. It’s a place for me to offer an oxymoron like the fact that I think it’s pretty pretentious to call other people pretentious. There is no definition and no expectation, but I hope there is a desire. Personally, I want this to grow more. I want myself and others to hesitate less. If you come here occasionally out of curiosity or boredom and come away with nothing then please offer something, anything. Even a random trivial seed can sprout and branch out. Even in the dunes and death valley life can flourish. There was an abundance of wildflowers in the deserts of southern california this year. Thoughts can grow if you just let the stream of consciousness flow. Let us allow Auraluna to grow organically. This isn’t mine in ownership or direction any more than the idea of going to the Dunes is. Express yourself and this can be anything. Inspiration and motivation are as contagious as stagnation and procrastination. I think sometimes we develop subconscious restraints, rules, and regulations which dissuade us when we don’t know what we can do. Question that bullshit. I think sometimes I get preachy and self-righteous. Question that bullshit.

I don’t know where I’m coming or going, I just know I like to grab the little manic spurts of motivated inspiration that come and go. I like to follow paths from whistle lake to backyards and empty houses, watch moon cycles and socially scenic transformations – especially the ones that look just like the sun. Black mountains, murder mountains, saul williams swims. We make you and underground radio takes you.

I saw a beautiful Apostle of Hustle (Broken Social Scene inbreeds) show last night with Pat and Evan and saw the full ripe-on-the-solstice moon set on the horizon when i got home. Apostle was really quite nice though, wonderful people, intimate show, beautiful north-african-ish vocalist/percusianist/keyboardist Ilse who did flamenco style tap dancing for the Cuban/Spanish influenced songs. Pat got to reminisce with Andrew and Julian about meeting them in Austria and I got to reminisce about seeing them the past few times they’d played in the northwest. Connecting with people you love is quite lovely. So please, let’s do it some more. Oh and if people have some kind of mentality that this is my website, then i’ll tell you this: it’s not, it shouldn’t be, but I do pay $40 a year for hosting. Gifts of gratitude, love, words, pies, and yes, even cash are always welcome. I’m poor, but I have a rich life.

Written by Philip Ashlock


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