alliteration nation
· 31 May 2005 ·

alliteration nation

some conundrum tickles my tendrils:
if fire flickers and forms to its own fancy
why oh why does it whimsy to whisk away upwards?
when water spills it walks down winding walkways,
but boldy unlike water, fire flickers like a flagellum.
“gosh it glows gorgeously” i gawk with gaping mouth.
a candle can cuddle the key to keeping confidential discourse
as it alludes allegorically all things allowed altruistically to all.
For our friend the flame flaunts its fragrance flagrantly.
Swirling its spikes and sparks so sensually skyward,
why oh why does it not burn back downwards?
constantly carefully catching the quick updrafts unanimously,
el fuego erupts ever so extraordinary, not erroneously.
and here i sit, my face all fire lit,
wondering and conundering,
how did my pants catch on fire?

Written by Patrick Holahan