Evil is back
· 29 March 2005 ·

There is proof that that the wheels of evil are being spun by our friendly back stabbing conglomerate called McDonald’s. Just when you thought McDonald’s couldn’t screw up our world enough with just litter, fattening up consumers globally and terrible MSG packed food…they have now moved to brainwashing in music.


Here you will find that the word ‘Big Mac’ is now being incorporated in rap songs for 5 bucks a pop for airplay. Everytime you hear a rapper say Big Mac in a song, on any radio, it means the rapper makes money from McDonalds.

the best part of this is that they’re justifying this “partnership” because it’s giving appreciation to the dominant youth culture in the WORLD.

I dont know about you, but the idea of giving someone money to warp their original lyrics to advertise a sandwhich is hardly giving appreciation to the music.

Written by Patrick Holahan


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