how snappy
· 4 July 2004 ·

I’d have to say, philip, you must be excellent at writing 6 page papers overnight!:) with the kind of writing you put out.

anyhoo, A-town life does comprise of countless sunny days. i myself have been trying to get a tan to no avail. Colin seems to have skin made of dough as it had taken him like 2 days to reach his now crispy golden exterior epidermal glow. be what he doesn’t know is that i’ve secretly been to tanning beds to tan only my penis. oh you may laugh now, but who’ll be laughing when i’m a tube sock model for hanes?? hmmm?

right, so, adventures so far have been accompanying phil and colin on adventures and sometimes inciting them. going to work at the chocolate factory has become increasingly fun and quite pleasing to my noise. but i just wish that our boys overseas (aka, Evan and Riley…and Dave) would tell us about the smells they’re picking up.

i quite recall the smell of raw sewage combined with the sweet smell of coconut juice curry to be a personal favorite.

but godammit, traveling around laos is no excuse for a lack in communication! we’re desperate to hear how your adventures have been going.

also, i’ve been submitted my most recent music to a site called (audio portal) that specializes in hosting the newest in flash animation, but alos allows me to submit music and receive reviews. I just need to put in one of those links like Phil was using.

well here’s a link directly to my “page”

yall have a good one!

Written by Patrick Holahan