A Salad of Schizophasia
· 23 February 2005 ·

Licorice tea and clove cigarettes
Sublime, complimentary
Tar coated lungs, emphysema, diseases
The ocean and madrona trees it pleases
With sunshine seals and salty breezes

Winter buds and blossoms
Sehome hills and green disguises
Tangerine lips crystalized ginger
Feet flirt with floor and Sydney Bechet of nineteen twenty-four
Viper mad like Dylan and beetles’ salad sentences said
Inside cerebral confusion
It finds the illusion of satellite ghosts and phrases
Meditation in the therapeutic aroma of mind games
While we played mandolin with a satsuma and grapefruit

Creative juices for breakfast
All eyes ask
To join the dots
And one by one the rhythms align
Tips teeters and tops
And a drip of orange juice drops
A morning lark in the bedside meadow

You wake to translucent dew
Forbidden fruition follows through
And unconscious melodies
Envelop intuition doubtless and true


Solar Waves of Winter


Written by Philip Ashlock