Nature is a sly one
· 27 January 2005 ·

Greetings friends,

About a week or so ago, the weather here in bellingham was incredibly warm. I was leaving my house for my morning walk to school thinking that it would be a bit warmer than the fifteen ferenheight degrees five days previously. I was told that the weather was warming up and as I was tired of slip sliding (falling and tumbling) my way to campus on ice, the word that the temperatures would be above freezing made me delightfully happy. (Never thought I would think such things!)

As I stepped out side to my amazement it was warm, incredibly warm, sixty degrees warm! I felt hot in a sweatshirt in the middle of january! I thought jesus man, this is a bit bizarre!
Only later did I find out that the weather patterns around the world were askew from the massive earthquake that caused the catastrophic tsunami. Something about the earth wobbling on its axis, as if it wasn’t already. Anyways, I started to think, hmm… This warm weather is gonna screw with some plants and animals.

Sure enough four days ago I noticed trees forming buds and I saw a flowering cherry tree that was actually flowering pink blossoms….in january! I chuckled to myself for a moment at the realization that nature had fooled its self.



Written by Rich Halvorsen


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