Solo Social Scene
· 5 December 2004 ·

Ladies and gentleman, i’ve got a nice story for you. Everyone’s favorite band Broken Social Scene has been touring around Europe for a while and yesterday they had a date in a tiny little town a little east of salzburg and i couldn’t miss it. It get’s exponentially better.

Sadly i had to travel on the train their alone, which led me into wrong directions and sketchy trains, but i eventually found my way to Ebensee. the tiny little town in question. The shitty part is, the last train out of the town is at 9 pm, there is no way the concert will end before 9, so i decide that tonight i’ll just bundle up and stay awake until the 6am train back to Salzburg.

I navigate through the dark town and find the venue, smiling and skipping my way into the empty lobby of this theater/venue. i hear some music playing and assume i’ve missed the first band, so i sit down and have a snack while i wait for entrance. but soon i hear a BSS song and get antsy! NO! have i missed it!?? but then Amy Millan pops her head out, along with the lively Evan Cranley. but at this point i really dont know any of their names.

One friendly looking fellow with a mustache sits down at the bar, i got up and introduced myself and i’m sure he was glad to hear some english speaking as we just went right into talking and then he brought up last nights partying and that he needed some tylenol. being that it’s just me and him, we go out into Ebensee at night, this is Charlie i’m walking with, and he tells me about newborn daughter, i tell him about anacortes,about how i have no where to sleep tonight, general banter, but eventually we discover all the stores are shut down, damn.

Well then we return to the venue and as i arrive back, the entire armada of the band is hanging out on the steps, Charlie introduces me and they all say hello, They’re all going out to dinner and i haven’t eaten, so i ask if i can join and sure enough, next thing i know i’m eating dinner with Broken Social Scene in Ebensee!!!! oh wow, i really cant describe amazing it was to find myself in this posistion, across the table from the lead singer and other members, their promoter for the night and the rest of the huge band across the room. WE all just kind of chat and laugh, but i really dont talk much but to retort or to bring some painfully simple questions. “so why is the band called BSS?”,”ummm, i like Lover’s spit,that ‘grow old do some shit’ line is great”, “you guys should tour in Iceland!”, “your all sleeping on that bus?”.Kevin (lead singer) tosses out an idea that it should be a relaxed show and that they open by the trumpet guys surrounding the audience and joining onstage. But yeah, the point of the matter is that i’m chilling with an excellent band, we all have a good dinner and head back and they invite me into the dressing room to leave my stuff there. then they tell me to follow them so i dont have to pay, i wish ‘em luck and join the audience.

The show…..shit, anyone who has seen these guys before knows what’s coming. the show was orgasmically good to the most extreme sense. What i thought was Kevin’s whim was a reality, the brass players surrounded us with chords on chords, and powered their way into Lover’s Spit. The audience even started dancing to this slow jam, and when they got into the rest of their songs, the crowd of this tiny town went nuts! as did i, dancing my my limbs all over the place, the towering speaker blasting me with chords, voices and experimental solos spiraling down as the crowd screams for more. It was nothing you could imagine, not even almost. Each song exploded right after the other with their dancy guitar driven anthems…...

Then after the show was over, my ears ringing, i talk with Charles again, and then meet Brendan who looks surprisingly like Flynt from the DOS and i put in my end of the bargain and help them clean up and load the bus real fast. The bass player Julian yells out “we’re going to a party guys!” which is met by moans remembering the night before when Kevin had to be carried into bed, as described very cutely by Justin (the Drummer). But he convinced everyone to go out, and i before i leave i try and buy a cd, but Kevin comes up to me and rolls his eyes and says “just tell me what you want” so i end up getting Bee-Hives and their side band cd for free. then we head out in a large cluster, chatting about tonights show and how fun it was. we cross some railroad tracks and go into this tiny bar and hang out.

They all play this canadian card game called ‘Eucher’ as Brendan gets hit on by a local guy, who seems to be a bad balance of friendly and annoying, then we discover that the bassist is hitting on this guy’s mom (probably 49) it just gets weirder and weirder, i try and get a picture with Amy and Evan, but my batteries die.
we head back around 2:30 to the bus and then Charles says,”hey, we have a hotel room you can use, go for it” so i end up staying in their temporary room in the hotel for the night.YES!!! and in this blissful state i’m in, they all say good night, ‘great to meet you’ all that stuff and i just straight up say “you guys made MY night” they laugh and say goodnight…...a good night indeed.

So, to sum up to anyone that skimmed.
1.Ate dinner with BSS into concert for free, and free cd’s to know all 10 of the current members
4.the show was intense beyond describable words
5.I was their roadie as i helped load the bus
6.went out to the one bar of the town with them
7.witnessed hilarious antics and band members real personalities
8.made friends with my favorite band
9.slept in the warm cozy room offered by them
10.enjoyed the company of the most generous band to ever live.
11.i got a few pictures too before my camera died.

Written by Patrick Holahan


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