Snow fiesty
· 12 November 2004 ·

Indeed the snow is falling in boston. My friends and i were on the way back from the cafeteria when we decided to begin to hurl hefty snowballs at apssing cars. Then we all honed in on an approaching taxi. BAM BVAM BAM direct hit! brakes to a halt then jumps out of his cab and begins runnings towards us. Passes my friend chris but snags me by the collar and beging to ask who the fuck i think i am. Then there were threats of a knife, then he realizes there are four of us and one of his puny black ass and he begins to leave i deal him a snowball to his backside for the hasty descision he made to attack me ! ahahaha this town is mad fun. mad fun in the snow cold fucking snow.
Peace and love.

Written by Wyatt Winston


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