Don't Beat Around The Bush, Burn It
· 8 November 2004 ·

Let me see if I can explain what may have been perceived as a love affair with canada and hatred of america. First of all, I was exaggerating, I’m not so much confused or scared as I am motivated to change some things. I’m thinking about changes in my life and things that will help to change the whole of the society we live in as well.

My comments regarding going to Canada are actually a reflection of a personal desire to experience a significant change of scenery. I’d always said that if Bush won it would be a good excuse to leave the country, but I’d want to leave the country even if Kerry won, it just wouldn’t have felt as urgent. I think the popular vote exemplified the increasingly insulated mentality of Americans. You look at the coasts and see how liberal they are because they don’t have the option of being xenophobic, they exemplify the true melting pot that America should be. Yet even living on the coast, I know I would gain a lot from taking in a more international approach to life and education for a while. If I can figure it out, I’m definitely going to do an exchange program or something similar in the next few years. Bush’s stay just makes me more eager to experience that now.

Yet, this isn’t so much just about Bush as it is about the fact that I feel like we’re losing control. The republican party has gained control over all branches of our government, they’ve hijacked the concept of checks and balances. Bush has both houses of the congress in his favor and he is expected to have the opportunity to appoint more than one new supreme court justice. Yet still, we aren’t facing so much of a political war as we are facing a culture war – the majority of Americans apparently support the ideologies of our governing powers.

This forces us to question some things. First, we should ask ourselves what is righteous. Do we really have a firm grasp and a fair understanding of what our views are and why they differ so much from that of our governing body? It usually feels easy for us to find the answer to such a question. The disparity between the actions of our government and actions suggested by logic, truth, and history seems clear enough. Yet if this is the case, why haven’t our claims been strong enough to change the course of this country? The answer is simple, we haven’t been heard.

We thought we were being loud. We thought that the voice of the world, what many of us perceived as popular opinion, and the bold statements made by people like Michael Moore were loud enough to have a lasting impact on the general population of this country. The reality is quite simple. We weren’t clear enough and our self-righteousness and arrogance often cancelled out anything intelligent or convincing. At the same time, we really weren’t loud enough, we weren’t bold enough. You might even say that we weren’t audacious enough.

We’ve just been drafted into action and there’s a lot of confusion about the battle we’re fighting. Calls for unity have been thrown around like confetti since Bush was re-elected. It’s clear to me that it will be just as likely for us to find WMD’s in Iraq as it will be for Bush to move more toward the middle. Now that he doesn’t have an election to impede his actions, I wonder if he will be even more reckless in his decisions. In a recent press conference Bush expressed his administration’s desire for unity by saying, “We will reach out to everyone who shares our goals.” Wow, now doesn’t that sure sound like unity. We must be realistic.

I see windows in Bellingham that have already modified their “No Iraq War” signs to read “No Iran War”. The activism in the past four years has been explosive, people want things to change. Yet, when the concept of “terrorism” was introduced many people quieted down and lost their edge. In the beginning, Bush’s motorcade was egged and shows like “That’s My Bush” aired on television. Then all of a sudden people feared voicing dissent and feared being labeled as unpatriotic. In the past year that fear has really worn off and people are much more impervious to the color-coded national threat level. The momentum is being revived and invigorated. The lies have been proven to be lies, but it is now clear that it takes more.

We have to be so loud that even Osama bin Laden can hear our dissent. If he thinks America as a whole is backing what he refers to as the “new Christian-Jewish crusade” then we will surely be met with more attacks and an endless war. Unfortunately, Bin Laden currently has little reason to believe otherwise.

We have a duty to prevent the numbing of America. Let us revolutionize until we’ve achieved the deceiver’s demise. Don’t beat around the Bush, burn it. I will never desert the west coast, the pacific northwest, or anacortes. This is my land and I will protect it just the same as the first Americans protected their home from the British Empire. It’s just that now we’re protecting ourselves from the American Empire.

Written by Philip Ashlock


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