From under the rocks they crawled to vote
· 5 November 2004 ·

We sat talking on election night under the moon lamp, and though the light was soft and the company good, I was tense and angry. “How could anyone vote for Bush?” Even after shredding international ties, environmental policies, and our national budget, there still seemed to be people motivated to get off their couch and check terror: 4 more years. Wait, 59,424,706 Americans voted Bush. These fellow citizens of ours; what rocks do they live under? Are they blind to America’s imperialism? Or were they torn from reality by nationalist media. “Give our brown brothers freedom!” The television screamed, as it molded American minds like soft clay.

Is it possible that these people have such contempt for women, gays, and children, that they can so enthusiastically support a regime of terrorists in suits, backed by the last great army, afraid of no one? And how can they wear the dead Jewish revolutionary ‘round their necks at the polls and vote against every thing Jesus stood for. Perhaps they should wear George bush instead. He talks with god to you know. (and I sure would like to see him nailed to a cross.)

A terrifying amount of our fellow citizens are idiots and I sure feel like one living in America today. Well, at least these republicans will have the piece of mind of another 4 more without the oval office being defiled by semen stains. Perhaps this is what this whole election really came down to.

Written by Richard Reeves


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