Go Red Sox
· 27 October 2004 ·

This is all i hear even locked inside! the screaming honking peeling out cars yelling audacious laughter high fives and misdemeanors romp through the streets with unbounded passion. It seems that these hooligans cant get enough! Fenways park is a madhouse! The police have riot gear and rubber bullets to shoot through little girls eyeballs aieee~!! But fuck man, these ass pirates havent won the world series since 1918!!! hahahahaha i think that is funny. Walking down Boylston street i see a respectable looking couple in their 40’s to 50’s drop their briefcases and handbags and start viciously making out and grabbing each others asses. baseball is fun. There is a very loud honking coming from somewhere near so that it is almost making me insane.aieeeieieie it wont stop jesus fuicking christ this city is going to catch fire!!!! Never have i seen so many crazed baseball fans in all my life. Anyway. IzaK, thank you for keeping a good eye ont the sports world, and keep an eye on that Tim Knorr fellow he is mischevious and wily.

Written by Wyatt Winston


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