Wind, a power to be reckoned with
· 22 October 2004 ·

So, there I was minding my own business, bike under butt, pedaling towards campus. My hands pumped like joggers do, up in the air, not gripping the handle bars. I’m sure I looked incredibly silly, (I do most the time anyway) because I was swerving across the road as each gust of a fall gale buffeted my craft. It was so damn windy. And I was so damn stupid for not steering with my hands. Mother Nature saw this opportunity to once again assert her dominance and sent a side swiping blast in my general direction. As I swerved once to the left, trying in vane to correct my course, I soon found my vessel (the bike) tipping further and further. I hung in equilibrium, bike in and out of control, for teetering second and then capsized. Luckily, I was peddling up hill at the time, and ended up slapped onto the wet road like a caught fish on the deck of a ship, confused but unhurt. Flopping around a bit, I managed to free my self from the bike. I finished the rest of my ride to campus, safely hands on the wheel.

Written by Richard Reeves