Tea merchants from heaven
· 21 October 2004 ·

Ah the foul crunch of m&m peanuts as my only breakfast, having missed the cafeteria food today…. i shall surely feel those m&ms later. The Redsox have won another game, Not that i go out of my way to watch the games… but when they win the whole block goes crazy and i can hear screaming and honking for hours afterwards. My friends john and derek went to fenway park last night and got shot at with rubber bullets! and another kid named jose got arrested for climbing on a piece of the bleachers. My roomate, bryan was amazed at all the hot chicks flashing their boobs everywhere. i think he wants to be a redsox fan hehehe. I myself was inside jamming on mandolin and guitar for hours with a lovely background of sirens screaming and honking. Take 5 goes nicely with this noise. Well, if they win the series… i will be in the middle of the most insane city in the US OF A …..ridiculous. Anyways…. i will be off to Montreal this weekend and i should have many pretty pictures of french canada! (wow so exotic) TA TA fer now!

Written by Wyatt Winston