Locked Out Of Pennycandy
· 16 October 2004 ·

So i locked myself out of my car (pennycandy) this afternoon while stopping at the bank. I was on my way over to John Huddleston’s house to pick up my enlarger he’d been babysitting over the summer, but I was stuck at the bank with my keys inside my car. I tried to shove my hand into the giant gap in my smashed up door, but to no avail. I then wandered up Cornwall Ave through downtown Bellingham and enjoyed the drifting autumn leaves filling the air and the ecstatic nearing-presidential-election spirit of anti-bush protestors filling the streets. I called the house and explained my predicament to our robotic secretary, but then Richard picked up the phone and was soon off to help rescue me and my keys. I went back to my car and fiddled with it for a while trying to avoid other people seeing me and thinking I was a thieving punk. A motorcyclist pulled up behind me and I tried to act casual, just leaning against my car. I sort of glanced his way, but didn’t really look at him. Then he said, “Hey” and I realized that it was John and that it was a really weird coincidence. And then he told me that it was also weird that I was on my way to get the enlarger from him because he had just dropped off film at the photo place downtown called Quicksilver. Just a weird coincidence I suppose. John left and I continued to fiddle and wait for Richard. Soon I realized that I must have given him horrible directions and figured he wasn’t coming so I started to walk home. As I rounded a corner I ran into who else, but Richard. In no time we were prying apart my door, shoving a coat hanger through the cracks, and pretty much waiving a magic wand at my car trying to get it unlocked. Eventually, we did the most classic of all maneuvers and somehow got the coat hanger snagged on the door lock inside and unlocked it. Whew. I love my Pennycandy, but don’t really need her, nor her cost of insurance. Long live the walking feet and peddling bicycles in the brick laden town of Bellingham! My hike-slash-stroll to campus this time of the year is lavishly leaf laden loveliness. Lots laden ‘round here lads and lasses.

Enough about trivial lockouts, there are people out there drinking absinthe and bicycling through the picturesque rolling green fields of Fucking, Austria and wandering the rainy inebriated streets of Boston and playing Frisbee in tennis courts and swimming in the autumnal ocean and making orgasmic stir fry and heavenly cider and steaming saunas and wrestling on air mattresses and boxing in the backyard tipsier than normal on a Sunday afternoon and taking pumpkins that were just sitting there waiting for us to take and listening to Zaireeka and Manu Chao and Jim White and Jolie Holland and building a recording studio and taking photos of photogenic things. Speaking of photos, I haven’t really been putting photos up on my site because I’ve been busy and been thinking about totally changing the way that is all set up, making it a bit nicer. For now, I’ve put a collection of recent photos up here, sans my New York trip.

In the same contributing, collaborating spirit of this website, a zine seems like a damn good idea. We won’t know what it is until it exists, we’ll just throw a bunch of stuff together and let it define itself. I’ve grown a liking to naming it Zinouveau, but maybe that’s just me liking art nouveau. I’ve been working on the website for the band tableland and been getting into this whole neo-nouveau aesthetic that seems to be getting popular in the design world. Hmm, is it neo-nouveau (new-new) or retro-nouveau (old-new) or just post-post-modern? Dunno, but if anyone has any interest in putting art of any form into zine form then hell, let’s make it happen. If you’re not physically within reach, maybe your words or photos can be, or maybe the postal service can come to the rescue. I don’t want to have any authority over this, I just want it to happen. Drawing, painting, prose, poetry, social commentary, political commentary, commentary commentary, cartoons, photography, saliva, collage, college, cigarette burns, boredom, coffee stains, a toe print from a toe you found in the woods, let’s put them all together and bind them and give them to the world…. This collaborative exquisite-corpse-esque art project is quite inspiring (if you have time to wait for it to load you should, it’s amazing)

Well Evan just “punched” Riley by throwing a boxing glove at his head. I think this is the indication that it’s three am and I’m the only sober yet conscious person in the house. Weird.

Hey pat, I read up and found that most of Fucking’s budget is spent on replacing stolen signs, go figure. Fucking wonderful photos, keep em coming.

Again, the photos I’ve put are are here: Autumn Decends, We Arise

Written by Philip Ashlock