hungry hungry me
· 24 September 2004 ·

Whatever banter means, this is it.
I miss the following food items and am telling you so you can eat some for me, for i have no way of getting them right now.

Thick frozen pizza,scrambled eggs with green peppers,any cereal but mueslix, any assorted fruit juice, microwaveable burritos, fresh fruit smoothies,brownies,mom’s kische, Riley’s Mom’s Rice krispie pyramid, BAGELS, grilled cheese, DONUT HOUSE DELIGHTS, american munchies (cheezits,triscuits,nut melody,IE:Evan’s Parents House) chili,green tea, pabst blue ribbon, granola bars, good tap water, salmon cream cheese spread,que pasa chips and salsa(best eaten at kyle’s house),fried rice,Panang Curry,SUSHI,foccacia bread,MACARONI AND FUCKING CHEESE….

i don’t miss the following items because of their abundance.

hot chewy pretzels, keilbasa, tomato soup, french bread,mueslix,apple juice,potatoes, beer, thin pizzas, cheese,butter, whole milk,wet yogurt,kabob pita sandwhiches,spagetti with MEAT sauce, bacon-wrapped cheesedogs(yah),peas,gummi bears,chocolate, oh god the chocolate,chamomile tea,steak,strange small austrian children.

i hope that you will learn from my mistakes and not neglect feeding yourself before trying to have witty banter with your friends.
here’s your german phrase for the day!

‘Ich habe dich kinder gegessen!’
I ate your children!

Written by Patrick Holahan