The Trees are On Fire
· 23 September 2004 ·

Hello my brave warriors, I just thought I would share with you an observation that I made of the pacific northwest automne, in poetic notation. -Rich

The Trees are On Fire
Shimmering, fading, and glowing again
the leaves twinkle and hum in the breeze with great vibrance
And what aids this phenomenal floral dsiplay
is the golden sun and it’s crown of photon rays

Everynow and again a leaf will break free
fluttering and dancing away from the tree
Away from it’s home it grows weary with fatigue
and lays down with it’s brothers, a pile of orange leaves

Next to the foliage lies a swift liquid snake
It never stops talking, it just babbles on
But if you listen close enough…it’s singing a song

Swooping and churning the melody is composed
by the curve of each rock and the melting snows
Yet this musical masterpiece is unfathomably long
It commences on the mountain and ends, lapping,
against the beached log

And while I listen to a stretch of this tune,
The jagged branches reach across the sky
instinctively skattering, they fractalize

Written by Rich Halvorsen


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