School has kicked off like a wild marathon
· 22 September 2004 ·

wow, school has kicked off like a wild marathon. Its the first day here at western. People hustling about, both sexes on the prowl for one another, and the testotorone and estrogen flows like the half gallon of monarch which was opened and finshed by the house the night. Collen wasn’t in the best shape, partialy because evan pounced me in the hall, causing me to cascade into collen’s knee.

The walk to school this beautifull fall morning was epic. Rich, Collen and I, all with nine o’clock classes, marched the trail to school, like three brothers off to their first day of classes. We even said goodby to dad(evan) as we left. It was the first day I realized that this is my home for the next eight months. And what a magnificent feeling that is. I just wish I could be with the rest of the crew. Wyatt, I’m missing music with you. And Pat and Izak, I hope you guys are enjoying the europe/seattle scene. Best wishes for a wonder for school/travel year.


Written by Richard Reeves