the secret passageways of the heart
· 14 September 2004 ·

i feel immersed in this huge city as a baby kitten is immersed into a boiling sea. The kids are insane and insaner every minute. there are parties everywhere now. So many cocks. im serious every guy i know except for my beautiful friend jeff is trying to get some kind of action it seems every waking moment. damn horney musican bastads! There is a certain satisfaction to being alone walking briskly through parks alogside the glorious Charles River, oh i love that dirty water and past churchs that are so old i swear they are european. all while listening to jovial music on an ipod. yes i feel enlightened. i had an interesting experience last night when my music technology teach spent the first hour of class trying to figure out how to hook up his computer to the projector and find his USB cable. i think he is a crystal meth addict. or just very enthusiastic about a great many silly things.
Music is hard. please come to boston and distract me from all this music. or we could go see a live show. hehe

Written by Wyatt Winston


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