· 8 September 2004 ·

So I am at day #2 now of the robot indoctrination camp and well actually it is a bit better than I thought it would be. I just cant let myself think about the wasteland expanse of highschool days that lie before me or at least I cant think about it when sharp objects are anywhere near the vicinity of my wrists. After a full year of absolute freedom and no schedules whatsoever it seems fairly barbaric to do the same thing over and over every day. I do have three periods of art which helps, I can escape on that level. Mr. James basically leaves me alone, which is good but I have him both days on a repeating A/B schedule which means I have to hear him say the same ridiculous, stale jokes over and over, which is torturous. I suppose it’s just strange to not have everyone here. I keep thinking there has been a mass dentist appointment turnout and that is why all of my friends aren’t at school. Well I suppose I do have friends but it’s just a bit different and well you know. Everyone is very wee, and the underclassmen in general seem a bit like slightly daft, generally good natured screeching little sparrows. I suppose I was just the same way. But now I am the dinosaur that I never thought I actually would be. But I am more of the herbivorous dinosaur type and frankly sparrows are too small and bony to digest.

Written by Kate Clark