ich bin toll
· 8 September 2004 ·

So! i am drunbk….lets ge that p4erfectly st5right.
straight. here 8in lovely salzburg i AM DRUNK! lovely! i have consumed APPROXIMATELY 3 LITERS of fine augustiner bier for about 12 dollars. that is alot. so i am alot drunk. oh and this is patrick. tonight was ridiculous, we sat ina large garden with lots of others (*23 from my slazburg greoup) and we all consumed lots of alcohol, basically, you grab a large porcwelain mug (1 liter) and fill ity up from the buffet style bartender

this man hoooks you UP!
and after a a ton of pictures, i will try adfn post a few, 9there is lots of drunken pictures of drunkenesss in this amazing mansion of drunkeness. okay. so after i was sucessfully drunked up (fuck you) i walked home with about 4 ladies in my arm (from the group) to the center, on the way, we stopped in Harry’s bar to go to the toiletten, where i promised i would come back tomorrow. (on friday morning i’m travelling to Prague) what the fucking helll!!! i’m in a paradise, i just wish i was more concious of my spending, sooon i will be very poor

agfhhhhh,. i forgot what i was talking about.

i love this place, i enjoy my company, i FUCKING WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!!!!! i love you guys, please e-mail me, auf weidersehen. gut schoolen fur dich!
gut madchen fur mich!

Written by Patrick Holahan


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