Some things just should not be exposed. Like Cheneys testicles.
· 7 September 2004 ·

So the day was like any other, only there were lots of people in cowboy hats. Ten gallon ones to be exact. Hats that, if needed, could have given shade to an intire Sudanese family. But it was just like any other day. Philip and I in the Big Apple, which at the specific day (August 2nd) had a worm in it. That worm was our president and all of his Big Black Suit wearing supporters. So, we went to the protest after being released from a den of fowlness the New Yorkers call the “Subway.” And at the protest was around 4-500 protesters gathered around a loud person talking about Che or something. There were many many NYPD around (a steele worker on one of our plane rides gave us a figure: 60 million of the RNC convention money went to security… and that security if put up against all the armed forces of the world… would rank number six!), most were in tremendously unecissary places (who really feels safer with 5 cops guarding every subway entrance and exit in NYC???), but a lot were covering this protest (more cops than major news crews at least). The place was divided by a cross street which the cops were keeping clear “for traffic,” although i saw two cars go through there the whole night. Behind the police blockade was a huge group of protesters separated from the rest of the group who were paying attention to the guy who was on stage who was talking loud about Che or something. This group was jam packed with people, i mean fucking jammed, it was like a Pearl Jam concert all over again. The police were not concerned with this group. I asked why they werent letting the group by i got the reply “because it is too congested…” This, in fact, was total bullshit. There was room for at least 500 or more. And the rest of the people were not let into the main compound until the last 10 minutes of the scheduled protest time (bullshit also, as you may have already gathered). Then i helped a woman onto a fire hydrant so she could scream and break both her ankles to show Bush just how serious we are, then she became my wife for 5 minutes, then i widowed her because i needed some space, then i re-married 10 minutes after that to a cute girl who had a 15 inch rocket penis (its gray) and philip and i walked to the den of warm-three-day-old-havent-brushed-teeth-and-eatin-lots-of-garlic subway. But not before i ate falafle that looked like donkey shit and phil ate grape leaf slugs… I LOVE NEW YORK