Io sono in italia
· 6 September 2004 ·

the humid, wet air never ceases to stop clinging to my tight, hairy butt here in the bosom of italy, ferrara. i arrived approximately one week ago, yet the heat is forcing me into a realm of suffering i never knew before. alas, i dumbfounded with this language, yes it is true, i am learning some, however i am mainly lost its beautiful song and i find myself just sitting, open-mouthed not knowing what the hell people are talking about.
my travels, i believe, are going to take me to the center of the ancient superpower world, rome, in a few days. boy will that be chaotic.

uh oh, im getting called for lunch. i shall resume this another time. wyatt, i really know what youre feeling when you say “i miss the forest”. ditto that.


Written by Andy Lemberg


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