whimsical whimper far from the west coast
· 6 September 2004 ·

interesting fateful adventures in the big city
a true concrete jungle, but a beautiful, historical and ultimately profound city is my new home, boston, beantown.
this school im at is crazy i thought is was for jazz
i was wrong
everyone in my dorm that plays guitar it seems is here to learn crazy steve vai solos and arpeggiate their brains to death with distortion and cigarettes. i find it humurous watching the metalhead community within the college because they are overtly sexually prone to humping each other and performing such tasks as openly licking one anothers nipples. wild.
anyway, i just had a wonderfully refreshing trip from phil and zack who were over here on the east coast at the RPNC and decided to pay me a visit. We met a very friendly man from brooklyn who was is boston for his 45th “b-day” which was why he was drinking vodka out of a water bottle which he offered to us whilst whistling at the girls with tight pants walking by. he insisted that we were “the band” and he would be the drummer and he would get laid tonight. hehe. people are nuts. we also did some T transit fun fun and photographic and audiophile rejoicing in the park. overall i wish i lived with them in an upscale apartment and we were all attending harvard law school and drinking martinis on an expensive sailboat. oh well, perhaps that day will come. or perish. i feel a little lost here, probably just overwhelmed by the bustling atmosphere. i am glad phil told me to use his website, its beautiful and serene. i miss the forest. hug a tree for me.
love wyatt

Written by Wyatt Winston


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