Inception on the Summer Solstice
· 21 June 2004 ·

The idea was conceived about a month ago and in the past few days it has quickly progressed to fruition. What is the idea? What is auraluna you ask. Well, the word is up to interpretation. I personally like the way it rolls off the tongue, but there are many ways to derive meaning. You could break it up and have it suggest one (una) place for us to hear (aural) one another (.org) Alternatively, you could look at the lunar side of it and see that is suggests we all communicate by howling at the moon.

Simply, this is a place for us to reconvene within our disjoined lives. I mean, where is everyone? Whether in Vientiane, Paris, Brno, Anacortes or elsewhere, here we can hear one another.

Today is actually quite a nostalgic day for me, exactly one year ago on the summer solstice of ‘03 I flew from Bangkok to Moscow to Paris. It was one hell of a way to spend the longest day of the year. Oh yes, it was an adventurous occasion – having a nearly ten hour long conversation with a guy from Denmark about everything from underground music to politics, checking out the Russian babes at the Moscow airport, and finally in the end meeting up with Zack and my brother at Charles De Gaul while neither had a clue the other was even in the same country until they met in the terminal. If that had just happened it would be several detailed paragraphs, not a run-on sentence. You get the idea, just write whatever the hell you want everyone else to read.

I’m sipping some Bengal Spice tea listening to Mirah and I’m sure there are those of you downing a Stella-Artois or a Laotian banana shake, so please, tell us about it.

Written by Philip Ashlock