Ich bin im Ostereich!
· 2 September 2004 ·

To all those conncerned about my whereabouts, i am currently chilling in the computer lab at my student center in Sazlburg, fucking, AUSTRIA!!!! WTF!! I love it here! i’ve only been here 2 days and my god, it is wonderful, there is a giant…let me repeat…GIANT hill that just jumps up out of the hillside that is about 6,000 feet up in about 20 feet. this is defintely going to be a massive adventure later… just today i went on my first tourist experience and totally geeked out, i listened to the audio tour while i was in this HUGE!!! bigger than anacortes huge, castle, complete with it’s own well, torture room, cable car (to get up to it), restaraunt, and about 5 different museums contained in it…this place is orgasmically big. it was really weird to be looking at world war 1 and 2 war relics…from this perspective, Austria is now a neutral country, but the size of those guns and the pointiness of those bayonets was humbling, these guys are crazy hardcore!

I’ve already taken much advantage of our lovely drinking policy here and intermingled with my 39 other group members, and although i really don’t have alot in commmon with them, i will definitely befriend them and grow to love them..but shit…it’s only the second day.

There is a cook who cooks all our meals (Frau Strobl) she speaks no english, wears a hair net, has big black hair and a big ‘ol mole on her face…classic lunch lady fashion…this must be some sort of underground fashion i’ve not heard of. maybe i’ll start wearing an apron and a hair net…mayb pick up some interesting ladies.

the cars here are small and aren’t very rare ( the average car is an Audi or a VW) somehow i’m not surprised. what did surprise me is the amount of hotties there are strolling the streets….i just wish i spoke better german. i’m getting sick of being laughed at.

i must end this, just know this. beer is good here…..REALLY GOOD, you have one bottle of shitty beer, and your feeling pretty fantastic. i hope you all stop missing me and i will be sending gifts soon. perhaps junk, perhaps treasure, perhaps some really twisted fucked up peice of i-don’t-know…..(colin and riley…that’s you)

love you guys, keep in touch

Written by Patrick Holahan


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