small world?...sure why not
· 16 August 2004 ·

So in one of those weird, “hey it sure is a small world” type situations, my sister Lo and Couch guy dave were involved.
As most of you know, i used to live in spokane (shudder) but in that time me and my sister made friends. and just recently she went to go visit a few of them via the greyhound. she hoppped on the greyhound last thursday, looked for seats and found one next to some guy with a beanie. they began to talk through the trip,Lo was wearing and an Anacortes sweater, he brought up the fact that he knew some guys from there and he brought up the fact that he was just getting back from traveling with them in Thailand and my sister stops him….”with Riley and Evan??” this baffled the man who turned out to be Couch Guy Dave “how did you know that??” and she went on to explain the connection…..and thus one more “it’s a small world moment”....(*cue music)

Written by Patrick Holahan