The Warm Blur of the Recent Past
· 6 August 2004 ·

Sitting on the floating dock in Lake Trafton hearing everything from Nate Ashley to Led Zepplin. Floating on your back watching satellites, shooting stars, and the northern lights. Cruising along Heart Lake Road on a warm summer night on bike. Sleeping in large cozy beds and sleeping outside. Visiting a fragile Wyatt in Seattle and later randomly intersecting a large parade. Venting rage about cellphone usage around good Thai food as a fifth seat remains empty. Discovering how well you know your friends while playing Know Your Own. Being blissfully overwhelmed by more good music than one can comprehend. Picking blackberries and consuming them en masse via shake, pie, or ice cream. Conversing amidst dramatic summer weather while making stir fry. Randomly finding a case of unopened beers at the dinosaur farm’s vista of the shimmering lights surrounding Fidalgo bay. Subsequently imbibing said beer while reminiscing about past times and being watched by a lone screech owl in heat. Being questioned about the suspicious behavior of smelling fennel. Listening to Mirah on vinyl. Consuming indescribably good food. Picking figs by candlelight. Bicycling everywhere.

Written by Philip Ashlock


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