Hotter n' the gates of hell
· 24 July 2004 ·

Sweat…Hot….Fans….Lakes… Today is a hot day in the ol’ A-Town. The thingy at the bank said 88 degrees. soon old people will start to die if it get any hotter. My moist skin tells me that we are buried deep in the midst of summer. To all you Asia crew: sock-it-to-me. sounds like you guys are having a great time. Kate is back and we are going to have a “welcome back” party tonight. Can’t wait to see her. Things are going well here. I am working for a man who builds violins and drives a hummer. HA. hummers. Blagh. Pat, Phil and I rode our bikes to Lake Trafton last night and went for a dip. The ride there was interesting because of the clouds of bugs that felt like hail. We swam out to the raft and had the classic “Isn’t that crazy to think…....” conversation. You guys take it easy over there, like you will to anything else.


Written by Kyle Pieti