The cow
· 23 July 2004 ·

Once upon a time in Laos, we boarded a sawngthaw (almost like a pickup truck with covered benches in the back powered by a motorbike engine) with all of our packs and aspirations. It was our first couple hours in Laos. As with most open-air taxi situations you can hear everything much more clearly then if you were in an enclosed vehicle. Much was the case with the vertebrate snapping crack and spatter of feces and blood that came from a young cow that came into a rather high velocity collison with a heavy cargo truck passing us. Dave later remarked (he watched the entire deal from the front of the vehicle), “There were two cows…one of them turned back and ran but the other….he just stood there…. I screamed and scared the shit out of the driver.., “For the love of fucking god!! Run you stupid beast!!”..but it didn’t…and the truck hit it and I saw shit fly out of it’s as it was crushed.”

Written by Evan Williamson