Old Jazz and the Summer Melody
· 21 July 2004 ·

I’ve been living in a dream world of sand dunes, seven-elevens, and blissful tunes. Sound waves from the voices of local legends have caressed my ears and treated my mind to a delicious yet nutritious meal of memories. I’ve floated through lakes, drifted through warm summer nights, and splashed through a stream of consciousness made of the clearest water and the greenest algae in an ethereal land of sand and laughter.

Well I’ve just experienced my first ever Heck Fest and I feel much less like I’ve been initiated as an audience member as I feel I’ve been welcomed into a family. A million times I experienced the strongest desire to join the family on stage the next time around. I talked to Kyle Fields about the musical wonderland of a house I will be living in next year and said that I didn’t really play anything so I’d just be the producer. Instead, he told me I should be a singer and if I felt uncomfortable on stage, I could just dress up in an animal costume. I said, or I could simply turn the lights down like Khaela (the Blow) did to make the people dancing on the stage with her feel less on the spot. Realizing who I was talking to, I then offered the suggestion of simply getting drunk. Enthusiastically he responded, “Yeah, then you can do anything.” Maybe I’d even get little wings to fly with.

With this lake fest of a summer, the lulling wax and wane of sound waves, and the gelatinous nature of the huckleberry pie I made with Izak and Rich the other day I’ve been experiencing very little solidity, I’m just floating along. Yet, I believe I’ve begun to truly materialize a bit of a plan for some travel. Next month I’m headed off to take a bite of the Big Apple and then I will return to the cooler and less humid shade of the rain forest, splash by Lake Ozette, and then sleep on the shores of the Pacific.

P.S: Karl Blau has released an issue of KELP where he makes R&B J Lo style. It’s pure genius. More summer photos soon! Ah, and if any of you were never able to change your password, you should be able to do so by logging in, clicking on this link and then hit the “site admin” tab.

Update: I added the first collection of photos. They’re of Heck Fest.

Written by Philip Ashlock