was that a dream?
· 9 July 2004 ·

I feel like i’ve just awoken from the strangest dream. there was a starry moon, intense winds, sunrises in reverse and complete days missing. i went to towns i’d never known but felt i already knew. and i walked in a land that never once pushed back, instead it cushioned and teased. i walked to the ocean and fell asleep and awoke with my canteen gone and a shell in my pocket. i walked through a cactus land and returned to a sand cove that contained my friends Philip, Colin and Zack. they were laughing and we all began to scare ourselves with wordsthe world was without wars and cars.We drew heiroglyphs and threw algae at each other in a river no deeper than my knees. We performed amazing acts of yoga on a sand dune and on a highway. we talked of things never to forget and things that are never to be mentioned. And we talked of things that never were. And as soon as i entered this world i was suddenly walking back across a soft land of burning, almost as if to keep me there. we returned to a vehicle slightly familiar to me. we walked in a store Safe to me. but i just wandered and confused by the labels, the world of products and suddenly i fork out money and we’re on the said of the road eating gourmet bagels after escaping a terrifying land of trains, dump trucks and beaten down houses with goats. We met a woman of no name, but the thing she offered us was Saltitas. she said nothing, but we knew what she meant with that coy smile and look in her eyes. Soon the wind flowed in and out of the car and we were on a darkening road. the city of bridges and suddenly the city of books. we amazed at it’s marvel and suddenly realized we could not handle the intense cuts and sweeps of the streets. the secret curves and instant dead ends. we swerved and halted but to no avail. but once we escaped and arrived at Zach’s house we switched transporters and sleepily departed into a night of such vivid dreams that i never knew if the sunburn on my skin was from some mystical force. had i just been somewhere? it was like some kind of strange dream. my sister comes in the room.

“so how was the dunes?”

that’s when i scratch my ear and the sand comes out, and i smile.

Written by Patrick Holahan