The Rise of Fall
· 5 November 2006 ·

Hello Friend Near and Far,

Richard the Incomunicato returns to tell you all this: I miss you people who I haven’t seen in dogs age (at least a small rodents age). Rich, you gypsy-rogue you, we are about as far as friends can be appart -8000 miles as the worm flys (?) Here’s the house update…. Baaaaa bumm-pa-bumm

Tuna is the skanky little teenager of the neiborhood. Tyler tried real hard to teach her the birds and the bees but she yowled real loud and said that she all ready had a real man… The heeeeCat. There’s one that comes ‘round with balls that sway like the Tacoma Narows Bridge. Maybe we’ll have a kitten for you when you get back. I love those LIFE books you left. Oh and I can buy you booze when you return (hurrra!).

Bellingham was alive on halloween. It is a fantastic holliday here. The line into the Rocky Horror Picture show, in Miller Hall streched around the front of Old Main. And the leaves, as always, are truly stunning. Aaron was waldo (fitting yes?), Shelby-Cruela Devil, Dordy- An enourmous french maid (OMFGzors), Sara-my experment, Me- A very twisted russian scientist, Tyler- A flasher, and Wyatt- Borat?. Fun fun.

Ahh well Friends, I long to here from all of you. I must go. Please do a dance to the snow gods in the coming weeks. They must be appiesed. If any you have any virgins or year-old snowballs in your freezers which we can sacrifice I can be contacted at my new number of 360-671-1204.


PS-Rich, Can i go steal your sleds from your moms house?
PPS- Phill what are all those porn blogs doing on the comments to Riches letter? Weird. A joke? A hack?

Written by Richard Reeves