Goddamn shitty noodles from the shitty wok!
· 11 July 2006 ·

Recipie for Nathaniel and No-L’s Shitty Salty-Salsa Noodles.

1. Fly to Prague
2. Buy some Shitty yakisoba type noodles that are only seasoned with salt because for some reason Asian food and Indian food seems to suck and lack all form of spice and flavor in prague.
3. Eat a few bites become dehydrated, drink all the juice you just bought and stick the noodles in the fridge.
4. Become Hungry again. And start craving the yakisoba you have at home that is flavored with garlic and ginger and goodness and realize all you have are salty noodles.
5. Give up, Realize that the noodles are now cold and their is no microwave.
6. Obtain Salsa, but not real salsa, the type that is more like ketchup, but is still spicy.
7. Saute Noodles and Salsa in a sauce pan until warm.
8. Enjoy! Because their not that great but its better than going out and paying more money for bad food or getting ripped off at a tourist place.

Written by Noelle Stransky