Prague, the city of ninjas
· 9 July 2006 ·

Prague! City of ghosts(or ninjas that hide well) where we’re staying (atleast today). Giant epic buildings without any people. Several people warned us about pickpockets and such but we havn’t had any trouble so far. Though a guy kept shouting at us after we got out of the bar in every language he could think of. We turned around and said “Espanol solemente” and he cursed some and kept walking. A guy we met in the bar also asked us to get in his van to go to another pub with him but we declined. He just seemed like a lonely guy but better not to risk getting dragged into a full on kiddy porn dungeon equipped to the gills with restraining equipment. Anyways, Fuck Italy and Fuck France. The head-butt was rad, he should have gotten a green card….. one with a smiley face. I bled all over Amsterdam and made a whole bunch of people very upset in pot bars with my nosebleeds, good times! Ughhhhh, we miss home but are looking forward to the rest of the trip, I hope everyone is bringing home the Bacon, Budwieser, Bread, Meat, and whatever else you may need.

Written by Nathaniel Holden