it's just the first and last letter we recognize in a word.
· 1 May 2006 ·

the wrods bmecae jblumed and msesy
but the plepoe colud slitl raed waht was wrtiten.
he teird to wtire sotheming ptoeic and isperms she
but the gril lokoed to anhtoer fcae and was smtiten.
now the boy is cofsnued and lnoely for aicetoffn
the sripng-tmie mkeas him feel atnsy
fidinng in any gril taht pseass abuslote peetcfiron
but tehy wulod say is “i wnat soomene to ronmace me”
now the smemur arvries wtih a brunt face
and the only rdeemy is a whislitng lake.
i wlil run wtih you my fnireds werhe the wnid is snortg
and the bacehes are sfot as a plilow of atefr stidyung.

Written by Patrick Holahan