· 6 July 2004 ·

sorry sorry this is yet another thread written by me (I’m beginning to feel a bit like a megalomaniac)but I promise this time it has a purpose

I have 17 days before I cross land masses, and I must admit I am already scheming about the rest of the summer in the states. I was thinking: how about four days or so of reveling at Cape Alava? It’s near Lake Ozette, I’m sure probably alot of you already know about it, but if not, it really is one of the most marvelous places I have been. complete with tide pools, cave paintings, rainforests, and campfires it is a veritable shangri la.

I was thinking around mid- late august…dates are still open so let me know if you want to come, and what time would be best for you. if you could let me know in the next two weeks or so that would be excellent because I have to make reservations for sites.

well my lily chut chuts, talk to you soon (literally, hopefully)

Written by Kate Clark